14 July 2016

10 July - Into Tuscany

This morning we left the mountain ridge of San Marino, towards the west. We took lots of small, very winding roads which were a bit technical. Obstructions like bicyclists, local sport bikers, and small two-stroke three wheel pickup trucks kept me busy La Rayne has been an outstanding passenger through the new experience of riding on the back of this sort of bike. Personally, I'd never ride on the back of this machine.

Sorry, no pics of the windy road. Just imagine a lot of trees and bushes right up the edge of the road, and many blind corners...

Temps are climbing as the morning goes along, so about 1215, we pass a restaurant with 3-4 motorcycles stopping, so we decide to turn around and stop as well. Its time for a break and perhaps a bite to eat.

The restaurant is opening in 10-15 minutes, so we wait for a table.  The menu is just one page of paper, with 22 different items all served in a row, for one price of 22 euro. Sounds good, we'll take that. There was no other choice, anyway...

As it turns out, the place is apparently THE place to be, because by 1245, the entire restaurant is completely full.  We were the first table to be seated, and people from all around just showed up and filled about 35 tables in short order.

The first course was a deconstructed salad, of the first 8 items or so, which was followed by 6-8 more small plates, tasting a bit of various awesome specialties.

One of the most important tricks to having excellent experiences is to be somewhere unexpected and new at random and ideal times.

After a fantastic two-hour long lunch, we rolled off the mountain / hill (depending on perspective) and into eastern Tuscany, then into Siena for the night.

We'll be in Siena for two nights, so we have an entire day (tomorrow) to explore Siena.

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