14 July 2016

11 July - Siena, Tuscany

In 2004, I stopped by Siena when on a ride, back when we lived in Germany. I was only able to spend an hour or two, so I put this place on the bucket list to come back to with La Rayne. Finally, 12 years later, it's checked off.

As we walk towards the city center, La Rayne just had to do a bit of shopping...

Behind me I noticed a couple of pups intensely waiting for their lady, shopping nearby. Feel free to ignore the superfluous post holding the leashes, just like the pups were doing.

Eating wild boar is a thing here. Most do not wear glasses.

Did I mention that it's about 95F outside today? It's about 20F more than we're used to...

So, we need to climb the tallest tower at high noon.

Just inside this portal is the ticket office and stairwell. Many steps up tiny winding staircases of stone. Watch your head and leave your vertigo on the ground..

Now, more gelato is consumed... We're doing our part to keep this industry alive.

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