15 July 2016

12 July - San Gimignano, Tuscany

Today was another short ride day, only one hour over to San Gimignano from Siena, but it was a beautiful, leisurely ride through the hills of Tuscany. We ride along hilltop ridgelines, then drop into heavily tree-line tight valleys and back out for another ridgeline ride. This is more bucket list stuff here folks!

San Gimignano is another walled city near Siena, but much smaller and without the huge crowds.

There are only two small piazzas (plazas). Shortly after arriving in our hotel and getting sorted out, we heard this strings and wind orchestra warming up in the plaza just outside out room. Apparently there is a big concert event this evening. Nice timing.

So, as they warm up and the air cools down from another 95F day, we take a chance for a bite to eat in one of the 3-4 restaurants in the smaller piazza around the corner to the right of the picture above.

After a bite of gigantic raviolis with truffles and some of that wild boar, we stepped back around for a bit of music in the piazza next to our hotel.

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