06 July 2016

5 July - Dolimiti seconda parte

After making yesterday's entry, we went for a walk from the gasthof (questhouse) to look for a bite to eat, and found this fantastic pub / pizzaria downstairs below a nearby fancy hotel.

In the Italian way, here we always start a meal with a plate of meat and cheese of some sort. Here we had a wonderful carpaccio and sliced parmesan plate. Next course was a local version of beef, pork and cheese dumplings. We skipped the traditional second plate and went straight to desert. I had a pistachio creme brule and La Rayne had a tiramasu with chocolate sauce.  Just a fantasic way to finish the day.

Fortunately, we have planned for a second day in the Dolimites, and today the weather has been much clearer than yesterday. Yesterday, we logged only about 160 miles over nine hours including stops and lunch. The miles are slow and winding, averaging only about 25-30 mph while moving, but just a blast rolling around endless sweepers and switchbacks.

Today, we did slow down a bit to take in more of the environment, and took a cable car trip to the top of a central mountain peak. After arriving at Val di Fossa, we stopped for a snack of apple strudel and a warm beverage, then boarded the cable car.  In just a few minutes, we were at top of Sass Pordoi where we were rewarded with fantastic views.  Of course, it's impossible to capture in simple picture the full majesty of the views, but here are a couple snaps.

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