07 July 2016

6 July - Rest Day in Bolzano

Today was time to take a day off the bike and just relax.  We went to the old town part of Bolzano, and enjoyed lazily walking around the open markets and shops.  The city and region have been populated since before the Romans conquered the area in 15 BC, so there is plenty of history and are plenty of museums to visit.

We didn't do those things.

We relaxed, ate pizza, saw a fluffy dog in a cart, and watched men work.

Tomorrow, we ride a bit further south...


Unknown said...

Matt, Thanks for the postings...looks like you are having a great anniversary trip.
All the best!

Jack and Sandra

β H ∑ said...

Looks like you and La Rayne is having a great time, enjoy. Natalie and I was looking at the pictures, I will have to get some tips from you when Natalie and I go out there again.