14 July 2016

9 July - San Marino

Today, we've left the low, swamp lands around Venice and have traveled south to San Marino.  For those who are unfamiliar, San Marino is a very small nation fully land-locked within Italy, and claims to be the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world, tracing the roots of their establishment back to the year 301. It only covers 24 square miles and has about 32,000 residents.

Today is to be the first of four days in a row, when we stay inside the fortress walls of an old city. This comes with a small challenge, because these sorts of cities have very narrow "roads" which are more like pathways and are unsuitable for traffic. So, today we park outside sity wall of San Marino and walk in 200-300 yards to our hotel.

Just as we arrived, these local drummers escorted us to our hotel. How nice.

Once checked in, it was time for some lunch in their terrace dining room overlooking to the western border of their contry and beyond into Italy. The border of San Marino is just the next ridgeline.

There are a series of three tower compounds along the top of the ridgeline, previously used for defensive purposes, as well as solitude for religious purposes.  So, a bit of a climb for the view.

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